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Iloilo’s ‘Cry Of Sta. Barbara’ Float Wins Parada Ng Kalayaan Crown


Iloilo’s ‘Cry Of Sta. Barbara’ Float Wins Parada Ng Kalayaan Crown


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Iloilo’s “Cry of Sta. Barbara” and The Establishment of the Federal State of the Visayas emerged as the champion for the First Sparks of Freedom (historical) float category of the 126th Philippine Independence Day Parada ng Kalayaan at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila on Wednesday.

Sta. Barbara Tourism Officer Irene Magallon said Thursday that the province of Iloilo and the municipality were privileged to have been chosen as one of the local government units (LGUs) to participate in the Independence Day parade.

“The identity of Sta. Barbara, when it comes to nationalism and love of our local history, is there because we were still able to preserve our historic event. A lot of municipalities would also want to be recognized, so they are making their efforts, but we are already there,” she said.

Magallon added that national cultural agencies have already recognized the historical significance of Sta. Barbara.

“It is the pride of every Sta. Barbaranhon. We have to preserve that pride,” she said.

In a statement, the provincial government said the float conveys “a powerful message of unity, resilience, and the enduring spirit of freedom.”

“It celebrates the collective strength of the Ilonggo people and their pivotal role in the broader narrative of Philippine independence. By showcasing the Santa Barbara Church and convent, the float highlights the sanctity of places that became crucibles of revolutionary fervor and national pride,” it said.

The Cry of Santa Barbara symbolized the significant role of the Visayan region in the struggle for independence.

“On Nov. 17, 1898, this historic moment marked the inauguration of the Revolutionary Government of the Visayas, with Roque Lopez as president and Gen. Martin Delgado as the general-in-chief of the army. Notably, it was the first instance of the Philippine flag being raised outside Luzon, signaling the unity and determination of the Visayans in the fight against Spanish colonial rule,” the statement added.

The Santa Barbara Church and convent were made prominent in the float because it was where Delgado convened the junta or a council that orchestrated the first cry for revolution against Spanish rule in Iloilo.

Both were declared a national landmark in 1990 and a national cultural treasure in 2013.

Magallon said all the materials were shipped from Iloilo by the provincial government, and its fabrication began last week of May.

It took several days to assemble the float to ensure it was 75 percent complete by June 5 for the pre-judging.

Aside from the float, there were performances for LGUs with historic events, and the Cry of Sta. Barbara was represented by students of various national high schools in the municipality.

“You have seen how they performed. The video of their presentation has become viral since last night,” she said.

The awarding ceremony will be held Thursday afternoon at the Department of the Interior and Local Government building in Makati. Iloilo Governor Arthur Defensor Jr. will receive the award.

The float will remain on display at the CCP Complex until June 16. (PNA)