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Tips To Help You Manage ‘Adulting’ In Senior High And College


Tips To Help You Manage ‘Adulting’ In Senior High And College


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Each milestone in a person’s life marks the beginning of a new phase, a chance to grow and be more. Entering senior high or college, for example, is like a gateway to adulthood. It gives students a taste of freedom and independence and at the same time, a sense of added responsibility—a trial for the real world, some may even say.

While academic growth is the main focus, these years also pose an opportunity for students to become future-ready by learning important life skills for their personal lives and careers. Adulting, on top of juggling schoolwork and social life, can be overwhelming after all, but here are some tips that you can follow to make the most out of it!

Manage your time well

Time management is one of the first things a student must learn or improve once they enter college, because it’s something that they can bring well into their adult life. Sometimes, it’s going to feel like there are just so many things to do but so little time. Make it a habit to list down your to-dos in order of priority whether it’s just in a notebook or using a digital app and review it every day. Be efficient in doing your tasks so you’ll still have time for activities outside your academic requirements.

Take care of your health

In a time where social media makes it seem like sleepless nights and caffeine overconsumption are a badge of honor among students, don’t forget to always prioritize your physical and mental health. Remember that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Rest well, eat a balanced diet, and stay active to ensure that you are functioning at your best in your classes and in your extracurricular activities.

Of course, don’t hesitate to utilize your school’s medical and counseling services when you need them.

Be proactive

Your senior high or college journey is a sneak peek into “real life” and what it’s all about. Here, you’ll meet and interact with people from all walks of life, of different races and cultures, and more. It’s the best time to hone your social and communication skills, which are two crucial things you’ll need to be successful in any career. You can do this by joining clubs and/or student organizations that fit your interests, participating in school events, and being active in your classes. The best thing about this? You’ll get the chance to meet friends for life!

At STI College, students stay on top of adulting through a learning environment that encourages them to do more, and become more of the person they are meant to be. Anchored on its signature brand of holistic education, STI’s curriculum combines a balance of industry-adept modules and hands-on activities and training that enable STI students to learn beyond the classroom, explore their passions, and build skills for the future.

Put yourself out there

Joining student organizations is one thing, but it’s another when you bet on yourself and engage in healthy competitions and activities.

STI College offers various extracurricular and cocurricular activities including academic and non-academic competitions like Tagisan ng Talino (TNT) and Tagisan ng Sining (TNS), STI Talent Search, STI Sports Cup, and the National Youth Convention (NYC). It is the largest educational caravan that travels nationwide with seasoned speakers and experts from diverse fields, each bringing their expertise and insights to guide thousands of STI students on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

Utilize opportunities

Of course, one should not forget the essence of having quality education after all. Aside from the fun recreational activities, it’s primarily a place to learn and grow too.

With STI’s Enrollment to Employment (E2E) system in play, and with over a hundred strong strategic ties to leading global companies for the past 40 years, STI College has immersed learners in the industry to produce professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs with real-life experience. STI College is named as one of the Top 10 preferred graduates by employers in the Philippines according to the survey conducted by online job search platform JobStreet by SEEK in 2023.

Through partnerships with industry leaders like Carnival Cruise Line, Globe, Huawei, SGV & Co., and UNILAB among others, students get a grasp of what to expect once they leave the blue and yellow walls of the school and an edge to the real world.